The Mergest Kingdom
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The Mergest Kingdom

Do you believe in a fairy tale? How else will you explain the story that will be revealed! Combine hundreds of objects in the ground full of challenging missions, collect and harvest resources, design your own island by making it look what you want! Find the best way to match and combine various parts to build the largest building and process the most fruiting plants! Help rebuild the kingdom of Mergest and make it the most magical in the seventh realm! What is the Mergest Kindom like? Your world! Only here you can find the most amazing object you have ever combined! Your choice! You can combine dragons, trees, gems, and almost everything you find in your discovery journey! Your rules! The islands full of combined miracles and merging crafts allow you to make the biggest merger as you want! The mission and challenges to take part in daily questions to collect coins and gems, mines of various resources to be built, explore a broad magic area full of mysterious creatures, different characters, and charming objects that fill this unlimited world! If you like a combined game, this merging experience will be very suitable for you! You can play The Mergest Kingdom game online for free.

How To Play The Mergest Kingdom Game

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Who Made The Mergest Kingdom?

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