My Shark Show
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My Shark Show

Who needs dolphins when you can have a shark! Entertaining the audience with the epic shark movement and jumping in the famous sequel to the My Dolphin Show series. The show becomes much more deadly! Jump through a burning circle, collecting meat, eating other fish. There are no safe surfers when the shark performance starts! Be sure to set the score as high as possible and collect coins at each level. Exchange your coins with new shark skin or other sea creatures. You can always watch ads to get more coins for your favorite skin. You can play My Shark Show game online for free.

How To Play My Shark Show Game

Standar Control:

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  • Ctrl or Shift: They are mostly used for crouching or running.
  • Keep in mind that different games may have different control schemes, so it's always a good idea to check the game's instruction or tutorial before you start playing.

What Similar My Shark Show Game

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Who Made My Shark Show?

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